TV on an app

Watch, Engage, Interact

Our TV series will be one of the first in history to be delivered via mobile app. This distribution model not only enables us to make our content available to a global audience, but also offers our viewers immersive participation features while completely customizing their engagement to the program. Our concepts will additionally expand into the video game and VR markets following broadcast.  

Emorphis Technology

La Vida Loca Productions will be partnering with Emorphis Technology to build this one of a kind user interface. Emorphis will serve as the primary development team and will also manage cloud content, e-commerce capabilities and also aggregate user input data for our interactive features. 

Jocelyn Marchese - Founder, CEO, Producer

Jocelyn cut her teeth in the production game early, working on the Super 8 cult feature film "Deeply Disturbed" as a teenager. From there she moved into cinematography on short subject and feature films, music videos, TV pilots and documentaries in addition to her own independent productions. A self taught app developer, Jocelyn saw the potential to merge story telling and technology, and MAN VS MONSTERS was born. BA Film Production, Hunter College NY, Acting Seminar - Atlantic Theater, NY. Jocelyn is currently a student at Harvard Business School.   LinkedIn  IMDb