From the depths of Hell to the furthest reaches of outer space, MAN VS MONSTERS is an unprecedented new reality TV series unearthed from the archives of horror, science fiction and fantasy. Solve the challenge before any of the other contestants, most important - #dontgetcaught 


Founded by Jocelyn Marchese, La Vida Loca Productions is an emerging independent production company with an OTT driven distribution model offering our programming direct to consumers exclusively through our own mobile and web based platforms. La Vida Loca Productions is taking the next evolutionary leap forward, providing our viewers an unprecedented experience.

Our one of a kind user interface offers connectivity between the production team and fans of the show, empowering our audience to become collaborators and co-creators. Built in social applications connect the MAN VS MONSTERS fan base across platforms in a cohesive, interactive ecosystem.

This innovative platform makes it possible for us to showcase our content to a global audience, and offers our viewers immersive participation features, enabling the audience to customize their engagement with the program. Series concepts will additionally be expanded into video game, AR and VR markets. 

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